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Websites & Blogs

Here at VocalMedia we are in love with WordPress. Most people know it as a user friendly blogging platform, but it can be so much more. All of that functionality can just as easily be harnessed into a website that you can make changes to through their intuitive dashboard. Why create a static website that requires a web developer to recode it every time you just want to publish a sale or upcoming event? With WordPress, we can set up what you need and then hand the reins over to you, avoiding costly developer updates.

Social Media

We love checking out new tools and following industry experts to keep current on the up and coming trends in social media. We know the nuts and bolts of all the most popular networks and stay on top of enhancements as they come along. No task is too tedious for us when it comes to the presentation of your social profiles. VocalMedia handles all of the details that you don’t have time for. We’re also your social media news resource. We sift through mountains of content to provide you with the most useful information that will help you run a successful social media campaign. At VocalMedia, we spend hours on the web, so you won’t have to.