Small Business Social Media…Where Do I Start?

For those who have not ventured into the online social world, the idea of entering it for your business may seem daunting. Indeed there are hundreds of networks out there and a myriad of tools to help you manage them, and more of each are popping up every day. Wading through the options can be time consuming and even confusing. Often it’s hard to know where to start. more

Social Media – A Virtual Trade Show

Social media is like an on going trade show for your business on line. You take the time to set up your booth, get prepared with items or information that you can offer, and then you greet people who come by. In doing so, you are letting people know you exist, presenting your brand in a positive light, and establishing relationships that will be good for your company and lead to sales. It’s in these relationships that you develop trust and inspire confidence in your product or service. more

Resources for:

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