Resources: Understanding Social Media

A Virtual Trade Show

Social media is like an on going trade show for your business on line. You take the time to set up your booth, get prepared with items or information that you can offer, and then you greet people who come by. In doing so, you are letting people know you exist, presenting your brand in a positive light, and establishing relationships that will be good for your company and lead to sales. It’s in these relationships that you develop trust and inspire confidence in your product or service.

Taking the analogy to four of the most popular social media networks, you could think of Facebook as the booth where you greet people and have conversations. Twitter would be like talking to people on the street where you could hand out flyers highlighting your services and entice people to come by the booth. YouTube is where you show your demos and Linkedin is where you maintain relationships with other businesses.

Relationships take effort to cultivate and maintain. There has to be someone there to man the booth and represent your company. But with social media, your booth will always be there and you won’t have to lug around a six-foot table and a box of key chains every day.